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Working at FHN

Motivated FHN employees and associates are the true source of our competitive edge in the marketplace

We aim to create an organisation that is inclusive, effective, creative, performance-driven, and responsive to the needs of the business.

FHN provides the platform to optimise the potential of its employees at all levels, making every individual a key stakeholder in achieving the Company’s business objectives. While recognising the value of our employees, we have instituted a performance-driven culture across all levels of the organisation.

Our people are highly skilled, enthusiastic, and dedicated individuals who are constantly learning, adapting, and willing to grow with us. The core of our talent acquisition strategy is to ensure we identify individuals with these attributes and ensure FHN’s culture and values are maintained.

Our People Objectives

Attract, develop, and motivate our people to perform to their potential and reward them appropriately

Remain an employer of choice ensuring that staff experience a professional environment in which they can build challenging and rewarding careers

Empower employees at all levels, building a learning organisation that encourages creativity, innovation, accountability, responsibility, and commitment to action

Maintain an efficient well-resourced structure that delivers on our strategic objectives and ensures long-term success

Career and Developmental Opportunities

FHN recognises and appreciates that each employee has unique talents and career interests. We encourage our employees to achieve career aspirations, however high they might be. FHN runs an open organisation that encourages and fosters continuous learning and development within and across functions.

We acknowledge the importance of competency-based development and constantly develop our people to close identified competency gaps, helping employees to achieve individual and organisational goals. We believe in a blended learning approach comprising of:

Learning on the job – providing or undertaking secondment opportunities

Learning from others – identifying a mentor who has relevant experience

Formal learning – attendance of a training course (internal or external)

Our ethos is that career and developmental opportunities are owned by our employees, facilitated by managers, and supported by the organisation. This synergy ensures alignment between individual and organisational goals.

Career Opportunities

We are always looking for talented & qualified individuals to join our team.
Kindly send an email with your resume to