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Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging consistently and effectively with our stakeholders is important to us at FHN

We recognise that a successful business depends on the commitment and competence of its employees. We are an equal opportunity employer and provide competitive terms of employment in a safe and healthy working environment. Our employees are encouraged to improve their abilities and talents as we provide opportunities for their professional development. We recruit local employees wherever possible and provide training and development to maximise their capabilities. We engage with our employees through internal communications channels throughout the year.

FHN is dedicated to the development of its host communities. Leveraging the Global Memorandum of Understanding (GMoU), which places emphasis on more transparent and accountable processes, regular communication with the grassroots, sustainability, conflict prevention, and working through our community representatives, we take a strategic approach to engage consistently through project development. We encourage our communities to take end-to-end ownership of the projects and programmes from initiation to completion and maintenance of these projects and programmes to ensure sustainability. The communities are involved in project identification and development through the completion of a ‘needs assessment’ carried out by both the community and FHN. These assessments evolve into community development plans that provide a 3- to 5-year road map for the projects, which are closely monitored and audited by external consultants.

We have demonstrated over time, our ability to raise required funding given the capital-intensive nature of our business. Our Company has excellent relationships across the financial community domestically and internationally. We update our capital providers consistently on our business.

We seek to do business with companies whose ethics and business principles are consistent with ours. Respecting the business interests of our partners and contractors, we aim to conduct our business openly and to mutual benefit. Our partners and contractors’ employees are equally protected under the same health, safety, environment, and social standards as our employees.

FHN engages effectively and consistently with regulators. We maintain close relationships with our environmental, industry, governmental, and financial regulators in support of OML 26 operations. Excellence in our activities is premised on adherence to international and local legislation as well as regulatory requirements.