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Shared Prosperity

We have a clear strategy with respect to our approach to Community Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility

Community Relations brings us closer to our host communities through open communication and provision of direct solutions to identified needs. We undertake regular and periodic stakeholder engagements with the various segments of our host communities to understand their needs and challenges, and put mechanisms in place to resolve them.

We also address internal conflicts and security issues through the Community Development Board. We are dedicated to making an impact in our host communities by providing opportunities, supporting growth, and generating value. We approach project development strategically alongside community representatives. We recruit local employees wherever possible and provide training and development to maximise their potential. Our Community Relations approach ensures that our communities are involved in the process of project identification and development through the completion of a ‘needs assessment’.

This strategy fosters a better Community-Company relationship, promotes unity, and collaboration through community engagement activities serving as an enabler for the development of our communities through direct investment in them. We firmly believe that the development of our communities will improve their economic and entrepreneurial capacity, facilitate employability of indigenes, and involvement in the FHN’s operation and Nigeria at large, as partners in progress.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy is focused on three key pillars: Human Capital Development, Economic Empowerment, and Skills Acquisition. We support projects and initiatives that fit these criteria where they benefit our host communities. 

Apart from addressing grassroot development and capacity building through the instrumentality of the Global Memorandum of Understanding (GMoU), we engage in several projects and programmes under our Corporate Social Responsibility such as the Technical Skill Acquisition Program (TSAP), and the Micro Credit Scheme for Women, designed to address the entrepreneurial needs of the female population of our host communities.

We continually demonstrate leadership in our conduct and commitment to social responsibility and transparency. We establish open working relationships with local, state, federal government departments and agencies  that  are involved in managing relationships with our host communities.