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Responsible Operations

Stewardship for the assets and resources we control is central to our business operations. In keeping with this, FHN has led the adoption of strict safety standards in its operations to create safer work environment

At First Hydrocarbon Nigeria, we have a comprehensive HSES (Health, Safety, Environment, and Social) policy in compliance with high operating standards. Implemented through our HSES management system, we seek progressive performance improvements in accordance with Section 2 of the Environmental Impact Assessment Act (“EIAA”) which precludes undertaking certain projects or activities without prior early stage consideration, of its environmental effects.

In determining the environmental effect of any activity, the EIAA provides that the relevant significant environmental issues should be identified and considered. The Environmental Impact Assessment report is submitted to the Nigerian Environmental Impact Assessment Agency for review.

We prioritise HSES consideration along with other key business drivers and we expect our partners and contractors to operate to HSES standards consistent with ours.


Our commitment to Health, Safety, Environment, and Social

At FHN, our people (staff and contractors) are invaluable to us. We are committed to preventing injuries, ill health, and protecting our workforce by proactively minimising all risks associated with our operations. Our LTIFR (Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate) is zero which shows our commitment to safe operations.

We are consistently improving on our performance through regular evaluation as well as developing and testing our framework for prompt response to all emergencies to ensure hazards and risks are minimised As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).

Our HSES Principles

Prevent Loss and Sustain Profit

Preventing loss and sustaining profit by ensuring that critical performance HSES indicators such as Fatality, Lost-Time Injury, Risk Task Assessment, etc., are minimised towards achieving the corporate goal of zero incidents

Awareness and Training

Building a strong culture through intensive HSES awareness, campaign, and training of staff across our operations

Responsible Production

Engaging in production with focus on loss prevention, environmental protection, and social due diligence

Regulatory and Standards Compliance

Obtaining all the necessary operational permits and licenses in a timely manner and as required, we remain compliant to regulatory requirements

Managing Risk

Continually managing all risks within the Company to ensure the protection of our people, environment, assets, and reputation